Homebuilders Sunday School Class New Study

We’ve started a new study!

“Doing Good” by Chip Ingram

If Christians are “saved by grace”, totally apart from good works, what difference does it make if we do good or not? Chip unpacks 4 good reasons why doing good matters so much. Chip also explains how we can become people who habitually do good – and the first step begins with who we are, not what we do!  According to scripture, doing good is not just a suggestion, it is a command that is very powerful and can be very costly. However, the price we pay for not doing good is even more costly.

Come and see what the Word has to say about doing good in you and thru you, for the benefit of others and the glory of God!

In the next 8 weeks we will cover:

  1. Why Doing Good Matters So Much
  2. Doing Good – Where It All Begins
  3. The High Cost of Not Doing Good
  4. How Doing Good Will Change Your World

Join us at 8:45 am in the Conference Room!